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Building Graduate Student 'Communities of Practice' Through Education and Outreach
Date: October 25, 2011 - 3:00-4:00pm ET
Featured Presenters: Lonnie Gonsalves, Carrie Tzou, and Blakely Tsurusaki

 Lonnie GonsalvesBlakely TsurusakiCarrie Tzou
Lonnie Gonsalves
Blakely Tsurusaki
Carrie Tzou

On October 25th COSEE-OS, the Institute for Broadening Participation and COSEE-Ocean Learning Communities collaborated in the fourth "Many Learning Pathways in the Ocean Sciences" webinar. This webinar featured two parts; a presentation by Ph.D. student Lonnie Gonsalves commenting on graduate student involvement in education and outreach, and Prof. Carrie Tzou and Dr. Blakely Tsurusaki presenting resources relating to broadening participation through mentoring.

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Building Graduate Student 'Communities of Practice" through Education and Outreach
Lonnie Gonsalves (NOAA Cooperative Oxford Laboratory)

As a graduate student at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Lonnie Gonsalves had extensive opportunities to participate in student outreach initiatives that facilitate environmental awareness, science interest and participation in all kinds of aquatic sciences. His presentation focuses on his experiences working to bring together graduate and undergraduate students in the aquatic sciences to work meaningfully with underrepresented K-12 students in a variety of settings and programs.Lonnie deomonstrates how graduate students can be a powerful force to broaden participation and reduce barriers to under-represented students in the sciences.

View Lonnie's concept map in the Concept Map Viewer.

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Resources for Getting Involved in Education and Outreach
Carrie Tzou and Blakely Tsurusaki (COSEE Ocean Learning Communities)

Carrie and Blakely share resources that complement Lonnie's presentation, including those that concern how individuals choose to participate in nature, how their scientific identities are formed, as well as guidance and resources for starting mentoring programs in your own communities.

View Blakely's and Carrie's Powerpoint Presentation [PDF, 2.97 MB].

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