Scientist-Educator Collaborative Workshop
Workshop Evaluation: OCI/CMB Tools
Held at the University of Connecticut Avery Point Campus, Groton, CT
Thursday, October 8, 2009 through Saturday, October 10, 2009

Regarding questions about the Ocean-Climate Interactive (OCI) and Concept Map Builder (CMB) online tools, the reactions were very positive. Everyone seemed to feel that the tools would be helpful in communicating ocean-climate concepts to audiences and in creating good lessons and presentations. Over 90% felt concept mapping had been helpful in communicating ideas with scientists. Some participants weren't as sure that the OCI and CMB would be helpful in finding good education resources about ocean and climate concepts and we plan to try to make improvements in that regard. To view the charts on this page as a PDF [228 KB], click here.

Graph Graph

Kim Martino

Watch a video of educator Kim Martino talking about the Ocean Climate Interactive (on-line tool) and its potential for use in her classroom.

The COSEE-OS Concept Map Builder
Quotes from Workshop Participants

"I will absolutely use the concept mapping tool to create comprehensive maps ... of my grant programs and professional development offerings ... as well as to analyze the gaps in my programs."

"I will be using the Ocean Climate Interactive site ... to replace significant segments of my current Marine & Environmental Science curriculums, and if my colleagues are good this year, Santa (me) will drop this link in their Xmas stocking....."

"I can not wait to share this with students and with staff members."