How to Use This Tutorial

Our tutorial takes you on an example "virtual journey" through the Concept Map Builder (CMB) website and provides instruction on how to access the various features on our interface.

To use this tutorial, roll your mouse over the images on each of the following pages to see what will happen when you click on these features in the actual CMB (note that you will have to click, rather than roll over these features in the CMB). Italicized links in our text will also initiate rollovers.

Links in our text that are not italicized will take you to a different page or open pop-ups containing additional information. You must have pop-ups enabled on your machine for the pop-up links to work.

For background information on our approach, click here.

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Concept Map Builder (CMB) Tutorial

Table of Contents

Register to Use the CMB
Starting a New Concept Map
Work Space Buttons Overview
Creating New Objects
  • Concept Editor
  • Line Editor
  • Fork Editor
  • Phrase Editor
Interacting with Existing Objects
  • Moving Objects
  • Snapping Objects
  • Editing Objects
Saving Your Map
Manage Existing Concept Maps
Printing a Concept Map
Export as Image
Sharing Your Concept Map
  • Sharing Maps from the Concept Map List Menu
  • Sharing Maps from the CMB Workspace
  • Receiving, Accepting, and Saving Shared Concept Maps
  • Asset Management
  • Search for Assets
  • View and Add Assets
  • View and Edit Assets in My Library
  • View and Edit Assets on Your Concept Map
  • Viewing Your Map in the OCI
  • Viewing the Assets on Your Map in the OCI
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